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Ashley Hills

Ashley Hills

Ashley Hills, Is the the artisan behind @ashmhills. I have always loved all forms of art, dabbling in sketching, photography, painting, you name it- as a child.

I am incredibly thankful to the people who encouraged me to reach out for more, who claimed that others would love to buy my creations. I can’t say enough to all those who enthusiastically bought and supported me at the beginning, and continue to! As I gained more support, I left my day job over 2 years ago.

My best friends suggested we split the cost on some sculpting supplies. Thus polymer clay was introduced to me. I fell head over heels in love with this medium! Some of my fellow artists are my biggest inspirations and sources of encouragements throughout my journey and for new directions in my pursuits have been Amba @thelittlemew , Nicole @fairiesandfancies , Mabel @mabelstory , and Ed @leafseedpodshell(just to name a few!) One of the most important things to me as an artist is the balance between being inspired but still reaching out to be unique, to create things of my own pure design, from the ground up.

I’m working toward gathering the last needed supplies, and can’t WAIT to offer my own jewelry designs and sculptures with this added aspect! My favourite quote/advice to anyone considering going down this road to becoming an entrepreneur is based on the fact that often people’s fear holds them back. But negative thoughts are like birds. We can’t stop them from flying over our heads, but we can keep them from nesting! Have someone close you can confide in with your bigger worries and who can help problem solve, but don’t let the little worries bog you down!! Enjoy this experience of stretching your own wings. But also make sure you don’t let it consume your life. As with all things in life, balance is what brings the most happiness. You work for yourself, but also for all of your clients. So make sure you set times that you aren’t available, and enjoy time with your friends, family, and relaxing. Those times of recharge will ensure you keep your joy!