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Cairo Beauty

Choosing your career path is never easy, it can be one of the hardest decisions you face when you’re finally introduced to adulthood. This doesn’t just speak for the vast majority — I too as a young adult 18 years of age, faced challenges revolving around the best career choice for me. I had contemplated many amazing careers from a variety of fields: Modeling, Singing, Dancing, & The medical field.

All were something I visioned as doing for my future at a point in time, but they weren’t what was within me and defined my passions. I believe that the key to success is happiness and passion, and that’s when I knew that becoming an entrepreneur was the best decision I could ever make. This career allows so much versatility, independence, and creativity.

Having my own worldwide cosmetic business along with still educating multiple nations on Heath & Beauty remedies and cures, has always been something I truly desired, and am fully devoted to. Never give up on what you want most in life, there will be obstacles along the way and you have to tackle them each by each and you will have the strongest outcome. Have faith and trust yourself and your abilities.