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Chanelle Simpson

Chanelle Simpson

How it all began, I started out as an assistant to very talented hairstylists who taught me two things; first, I learned I am not entitled to any position if it’s not earned, only constant hard work will put me there. Second, allowed me to be patient and be diligent with my craft before getting behind a salon chair making mistakes that I could have prevented with more practice and education. I am the hairstylist I am today because of the time I spent assisting. Now being my own boss humbles me in such a way that I have profound gratitude and respect for those who took the time to teach me what I know today. I live for the smile and tears in my clients eyes when they see themselves how I’ve seen them the whole time: beautiful. The passion and drive it gives me knowing everyday I have the potential to make someone feel sexy or confident is out of this world. My passion is not just creating the perfect color or cut out of a magazine, it’s seeing the amazement when I create the perfect color or cut best suited for you. My skill set covers a multitude of color placements whether you want to be edgy, glamorous or classy. I specialize in precision haircuts as well as personalizing haircuts based on your specific face shape, what’s most flattering. My work is ever evolving based on continued education and the latest trends, nothing status quo. My favorite book is #askgaryvee.

My favorite quote is “when you look for money you get rich, when you look for legacy you get wealth.”- Gary Vaynerchuk

With all this said, I don’t know how my story is going to end but I do know I want to create a legacy, catch you on the flip side. Chanelle Dawnellen Simpson. Independent contractor, master hairstylist.