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The reason why I decided to become an entrepreneur was because I wanted to test my limitations by becoming the role model that I always wanted when I was going through life. I wanted to be the person that people can look to for inspiration. The most inspirational person in my life would have to be my mother. When we first arrived in America my mother did not know the English language. One thing I admire about my mother is that she never crumbled under the adversity of being divorced, taking care of her two daughters, and adjusting to a foreign land. I remember as a child growing up in America and watching my mother cleaning other peoples’ homes and watching other peoples’ kids, and never understanding why she had to do what she did and why we did not live the way her employers lived. As I got older, a passion for reading was instilled in me. At first I was opposed to the idea of reading – but as I continue to allow my imagination to wander I started to understand why my mother wanted me to read. In order to become a powerful and successful person one must always seek knowledge and apply it to their life. Applied knowledge is the most valued knowledge – because anyone can reiterate what they have been taught, but few know how to apply it to their everyday life. A quote that happens to be my mantra is, “Reach One Teach One.” The reason behind that is my perception on how we should all strive to empower one another in order to become better people, which is embodied in that message. It takes a whole village in order to raise our children meaning in order to ensure our survival we must look towards our children in making a better world and future. The absolute best advice that I have ever received was through the lyrics of a song that I had to sing while I was an undergrad. The song incorporated one of Langston Hughes’ poems which was “Hold fast too dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly.” If we allow other peoples’ opinions to dictate how we live our lives we will never be able to fulfill our purpose. Live life the way you were destined to and hold fast to your dreams!