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Hrithik Singh

Hrithik Singh

Hrithik Singh is the Creator of Properties of TheHSProject, which is making its debut in the US, Singapore, and Canada this year. Presently 19 years old, Hrithik has already been granted India’s Youngest Entrepreneur Award.

When asked why he is in this field, Hrithik responded that the “reason I am in the entertainment industry is because I have always dreamed of making people happy. I have found a way to make people happy out of the things which I have created.” Hrithik was driven to be an entrepreneur as a way to establish something of his own, and to make his dreams of being an event organizer come true.

Hrithik possess the focus and determination needed to be successful. He has the power to make something out of nothing, and is continually proving himself. Additionally, he credits raising his boundaries and learning to analyze himself and his experiences as keys to his success.

He has worked with world leading artists, and draws inspiration from formidable sources; Steven Jobs, Scooter Braun, and Nikhil Chinapa to name a few. Hrithik wants to be an inspiration for the people of India. He dreams of making others proud – especially his mother, and facilitating real change for people. His late father, Sanjay Singh, gave him words to live by: “you are the creator of your own future.” “Becoming an entrepreneur is not a cake walk, but you can still do it through your focus, determination and goals, and that spark to do something on your own.”