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Jean-Michel Crapanzano

Jean Michel Crapanzano

Jean-Michel Crapanzano is a professional multimedia artist who was born in France and currently resides in the Netherlands. He works as a photographer, filmmaker, drawer, and wall painter. Jean-Michel’s interests are as vast as his skill sets; identity, history, propaganda, and the notion of futurology. He enjoys exploring behind the mask of conformity and revealing the invisible psychological structure of human behaviour. Scientific research is a big part of his inspiration and he has exhibited several series combining mixed media in art centres, museums and art galleries. “I truly believe in the social impact and empowerment of art on society; that’s why a big part of my work is socially engaged. I conceive community art projects in which I invite refugees, citizens’ organizations, schools, and research centres to interact.” Jean-Michel’s next ambitious project is called “Artlab for Futurology: the last news of the future.” He intends to write the storytelling of possible scenarios of mankind’s evolution, via several cities all over the world, and help them to visualize these scenarios by using photography, 3D software, and film. “I believe that this project can help to build a better community spirit through an open works process. I think that citizens should be able to write themselves into the scenario on their own path instead of being lead. I see myself as an urban art explorer, and I invite people and organizations to explore the intricate and complex structures of our possible evolution with me.” Jean-Michel has always dreamt of a place without any physical or mental borders. He is actively seeking sponsors, organizations, museums, art centres, companies and scientific organizations who can help him to achieve his goals.

To learn more, contact him at:
Instagram: @multimedia_art_crapanzano