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Jim Roessner

Jim Roessner

Jim Roessner. Pragmaticlifestyle Founder/Insurance Broker

Jim Roessner Graduated from Marymount University in 2015 with a BA in Business Marketing. His Insurance background allows him to protect an individual or businesses income, plan for efficient retirement accumulate; and even a strategy to distribute it how you’d wish. He started with an online eBay store with no inventory dropshipping amazon products and eventually products he is an affiliate for. Teaming up this idea with his best friend Kyle Curry, a creative professional photographer who’s focus on detail brings exposure to companies and artist alike. Jim’s main goal is to continuously support and expand his Pragmatic community.

Pragmaticlifestyle is a community of Companies, Artist, and Consumers that all fit the theme of being Pragmatic. We originate from 3 basic principles 1. Product Photography greatly benefits BOTH Photographers and Companies 2. Offer the best price for products so everyone wants to use you 3. Lets involve as many creative minds to help us both grow. We truly believe that if we have a group of motivated and inspired individuals that are working together; we can achieve anything. We are always open to collaboration and or constructive criticism working with anyone that we feel has the same goals as us.

Personally I love entrepreneurship because I love the idea of taking problems and creatively solving them to benefit everyone. It’s great to be working in a team, and building a strong group of like-minded individuals.

Favorite quote- “The Genius thing that we did was, we didn’t give up”

For me the hardest part was working on me, vs building my brand and achieving my future goals. Just graduating, cut from the family tree it was hard to take time away from building my store, or networking for my insurance. But I needed money right away vs just building a tool for steady income 3/5 years from now. I’d highly recommend anyone trying to be an entrepreneur to get a side job, bar tending, delivering, whatever interest you, just do it to learn something. There’s a lot to be learned in all types of jobs; and the secure income will help you with your peace of mind.