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John Melton

John Melton

John Melton doesn’t just consider himself an entrepreneur he is a Multiprenuer with revenue streams from his personal brand, network marketing even an insurance business. John and his wife Nadya provide workshops, academies, retreats, consulting, speaking engagements, marketing assistance through his website It all started while John was in his early twenties when he had two eye opening experiences, Johns father passed away one day and shortly after learned he would be welcoming a child into this world. Those two changes helped John realize it was time to get his life together.

While initially being at the top of his company in the mortgage business John began doing trainings part time because he wants to help people from all walks of life begin their career and show no matter your past you can always control your future.

John had invested money in real estate at the peak of the market and lost the majority of it during the crash. But John’s outlook was always on the bigger picture when asked how he handles such change John said “At the end of the day it’s the only thing you can count on”.