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Ken Mack

Ken Mack

I was 22 years old left with 15GBP to my name, a van with no fuel and some old window cleaning equipment in the back. After waving goodbye to my girlfriend at the airport as she was heading to visit her relatives in Florida I was at breaking point. I used my last 15GBP to fill my van with fuel and went nocking on hundreds of doors promoting myself as a window cleaner and by the time my girlfriend came home a few weeks later I had gained many new clients and saved 1000 GBP, I couldn’t believe it and 6 months later I had several window cleaners working for me. Shortly after my round was so large I had to break it up into segments to make it more affordable for the business to be bought by other window cleaners which gave me my first financial lift in life enough to buy a property with no mortgage. By the age of 29 I was living the dream. Now we have a built a call centre in the Philippines where we are helping other businesses across UK, USA & Australia. We created a charity called and built a Global Cleaning Franchise brand called Biz Cleaning.

I love what I do, the thrill, the adventure, the risk of success, failure, the unknown, the ability to learn new things and because life is too short not to.

I found my talent for business earlier in life that I was great at sales &a marketing, I made past employers millions so I decided to build my own dreams instead. My dream is to inspire others to do the same, take action and make things happen. We have a short time here and it’s important not to be part of a production line.

What sets you apart from others in your field. Dealing with me you will always get a better than expected service. Entrepreneurs all have 1 thing in common we all share the same qualities including passion, drive and energy. We all put our heart and soul into everything we do.

The best advice ever received was to Invest in yourself. Spend at least 1 hour a day in learning. Always remain a student within your own industry no matter what your status.

I look to helping create multiple new young entrepreneurs.