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Kurtis “K.G.” Graham

Kurtis "K.G." Graham

Cosign Magazine came from Kurtis Graham’s sister asking for his help when applying for a car. Knowing that with his help she would have better odds of getting approved. The idea that together we can all achieve more than anyone alone he began a magazine where they can share the stories of people from around the word to support, strengthen and serve the community. Cosign is a diverse specialized consumer magazine that focuses on fashion, sports, music, life, culture, art and the independent artists that create it.
After the success of the Magazine came the Cosign Experience. Where other entrepreneurs can share their stories face to face with the consumers. This two day event expected to host more than 5,000 people this year will be full of food, boot camp, yoga, a fashion show, music, and art.
As an entrepreneur Kurtis feels one of the most difficult things in today’s market is finding your voice on all the unique social media platforms available. Each serving its own purpose and it’s users expecting something different from each of them, gone are the days were a company can blast the same content on every platform and be successful. Even the most difficult parts of the job are nothing compared to the freedom that comes from being an entrepreneur. Growing up in a Military family Kurtis traveled a lot, but not where he wanted to go, now Kurtis can go anywhere he wants and never be far from his office and team around him. It’s not about the money it’s about the freedom.

What sets Cosign and Kurtis apart from other entrepreneurs is ability to research. They are obsessive about research, being the best, having the best, and never letting someone outwork them to it. “A lot of people are stagnant because they only focus on themselves, where you learn more researching the success of others.” The best advice Kurtis every received came to him recently when a friend looked at him and said “Stop acting like you are going to live twice”. It is such an incredible way to look at ourselves and prioritize what we want to do and share with the world.