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I have always felt the need to help people but never knew how to do it outside of philanthropy, so when I joined the workplace I started as an HR generalist but gravitated towards Learning & Development because I could use my skills to help people learn and watch them transform into better versions of themselves.
I love what I do and I very much believe in it. The decision to go off on my own came when I realized that many of the people I was working with did not always do what was best, but rather what served their own agenda, and while I understand and can play politics, I am just at a point in my life where I had no desire to do that anymore. I especially knew this was true when I turned down a “dream role” with a big salary bump.

I think my true skill set is my attention to detail, my love for people and my sense of humor, you need humor to work on difficult projects.

My favorite quote is “Never look down on anybody, unless you’re helping them up” -Jesse Jackson.

I believe everyone is unique, we all have our own story and that is what sets me apart. My experiences, my story and my love for what I do.

The best advise i ever received was “Hug the monster”, which basically means that if something is scary or you have a problem, stop running from it and just embrace it, hug it tightly and figure out a solution.

Some work life balances that are unique to entrepreneurs You need to learn to carry your office in your head! What I mean is, you need to be able to work anywhere, at anytime. This sounds great to a lot of people, but sometimes its hard to “get in the zone”, especially after putting your babies to bed or washing your car.

I think starting isn’t the problem people have when becoming an entrepreneur, the problem is sticking with it.

The difference between success and failure as an entrepreneur is passion. If you have passion for what you are doing, then you can rebound from “failure” or “no” a hundred times, until you get your “win” or the magical “yes”.