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Lisa Cairns

Lisa Cairns

Getting up at 6am everyday to go somewhere I really didn’t want to be is what drove me here. It pushed me to seek out my passion. While I didn’t find it straight away, the journey I took from making that decision, led me to it.

Well not sure if these are even classed as skills, but I suppose they’ve gotten me this far. I’m definitely a perfectionist and I have an eye for fashion which I suppose go well together. I can trend forecast and have been told I’m a bloody good stylist! Some of the most important traits for any entrepreneur is their character which you need and need to be able to recognize when choosing a team of people to work with. It is also important to adapt well to different situations and handle stress appropriately.

What really sets me apart from others in my field is I feel like I’m on the right path so I’m not getting off it for anything or anyone. So, I would say my determination combined with my theory of building a brand that’s not perfect for everyone (because that’s impossible) but everything to someone and of course my attention to detail and perfectionist traits. All of this with constant focus on what the customer needs and wants will help me stand out. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Ralph Lauren, Richard Branson, Les Brown and Oprah Winfrey along with books like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Tribes by Seth Godin help drive me. ‘Choose a job you love doing, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life again’ is quote that walks through each day with me to ensure I always love my work.

Some of the best advice I every learned was The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake because you cannot learn from being perfect. And of course, always follow your gut instinct. Don’t be afraid to take risks, don’t be afraid to fail. With all this inspiration I hope to one day build a successful global fashion brand, my way.

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