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Malene Madsenm

Malene Madsenm

I am in my field as I have always been drawn by art, design and business which increased radically during my travels around the world. I collected inspiration, motivation and experience and one day at an ordinary vacation I met the right people at the right time. 2 months later we opened our Business Center called Cosmos Community as the perfect assemblage of skilled, constructive and innovative forces, functioning for businesses desiring to success. Despite of my lack of education I got promoted fast and ended up as the head responsible for all departments and developed skills and experience in project management, marketing, graphic design, administration, SEO etc.

My biggest idol is my partner. He is the most will powered and goal oriented person I have ever met and he shares with me the conviction that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

My favorite book is not directly concerning the subject of business but about something even more essential in this topic – psychology. The name of the book is Who Says You Can’t YOU DO and also provide me with my favorite quote; “Do not let people infect you with their negativity. You control the situation by displaying how much you love life”.

I am working hard while balancing it all with my study in order to achieve my main goal – To become 100 % in depended according to time, location and money. Everyone can do it, it all depends on how much you want it, weather you are ready to pay the (high) price and how you organize your life towards it