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Minute Mike

I grew up around printing, but never saw myself in it. When my dad called with an opportunity to build a marketing company together, through the franchise, Minuteman Press. I did my research and found that with their wide array of services, my dad’s experience and my passion to help others, we really had something here.

I’m responsible for the growth of both our franchises in Burnsville and Chanhassen MN. I do that through B2B sales, Networking groups, being an Ambassador for all 5 Chamber of Commerces that we’re in. Also serving on the Board of Directors & just winning the Ambassador of the Year award. I manage and create all of our social media pages on FB, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and have branded myself MinuteMike through the Minuteman Press brand. Corporate has said we have one of the biggest followings in the country.
What sets me apart is my drive and passion to create a legacy for my family while creating a recognizable brand that people can trust. I truly love my job and if you asked any of our customers about me they would say my passion shines through my work.

My goals are to continue to grow each year, but to keep it manageable and always provide great customer service. To have thriving businesses to pass on to my kids and to support them thru this fun ride.

It takes a lot of work at the beginning to spread the awareness of your brand. Make it recognizable to your market. My awareness philosophy is the 3 W’s;
People won’t buy from you unless they know,
Who you are
What you do
Where your located.

Some of mikes favorite quote are: “life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger”.
“A simple hello could lead to a million things”.
“I don’t expect alot, but what I expect, is alot”.