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Nicolas Sebastian Massu De La Carrera

Nicolas Sebastian Massu de la Carrera

Nicolas Sebastian Massu De La Carrera was born in Santiago Chile. He was diagnosed with ADHD at six, and traveled with his family to Western Australia at 16. As a senior in high school he suffered a panic attack and from there set out on a journey to find a therapeutic regimen that worked for him. Through trial and error he and his doctors worked painstakingly to find what worked best. After visiting Chile in 2004 Nicolas returned to Australia in 2005 with a set focus of training to set out on a great adventure. He planned to walk ~5000 KM from Rockingham, Australia to Sydney, Australia – essentially traversing the entire country. He looked to others who had completed the journey (Deanna Sorensen, Mike Pauli and Jacob French) and he looks forward to following in their footsteps. His aim is to raise funds for LADS, an organization that helps people with ADHD and does not get any funding from the government.