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Novlyn Msanya

Novlyn Msanya

I own a company that produces, buys and sells agricultural products domestically and international.

It is my dream business to pursue and according to me agriculture is epicenter of economies and as for a startup entrepreneur this is where I feel the best opportunity lies.

I have not had a formal education so much of my skills have been acquired through real life experiences.

I was driven to entrepreneurship when i first read the book known as Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki , The book gave me a new definition of life and it was through this I decided to be entrepreneur. In the book I found several ways to start earn an income through entrepreneurship and what the poor, middle and rich class do everyday.

My fovorite quotes are:
“If you born poor is not your mistake but if you die poor its your mistake” – Bill Gates
“Without hard work nothing grows but weed” – John Maxwell
“If you put your happiness in temporary things, your happiness will be temporary” – Nick vujicic

I think what set me apart in my field compared to others in my field is passion and persistence I enjoy being here despite the ups and downs i never failed to learn.

My personal goals includes to formalize my business and employing others and to be a reflection of what many people want to be and inspire the future generations.