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Omotayo Salako

Omotayo Salako

Omotayo is passionate and committed to youth empowerment and development in Nigeria. He focuses on young people, especially those still in university, because he believes through them a progressive and sustainable nation can flourish.

“I was drawn to entrepreneurship because I realized that many of the most successful individuals in the world are entrepreneurs. These individuals took calculated risks by starting their own businesses and helped developed their countries’ economies. Entrepreneurs also help reduce the rate of unemployment which is rampant in Nigeria; thus reducing negative vices like robbery, cultism and the likes.”

Omotayo is skilled in content and idea development, and has over the years created both for corporate bodies and individuals in Africa. He is also a fashion enthusiast and runs a clothing line alongside a publishing outfit.

“My major inspirational figure is my dad – he is a retired pilot and he brought us up to be honest and creative. I have also been inspired by the stories of many great entrepreneurs in the world and also in my home country Nigeria. I read a lot of magazines, novels; I basically read everything that has words, that’s how I learn new stuff every day.”

Omotayo’ favorite quote is “everything happens for a good reason.” “I think people have a hard time becoming entrepreneurs because they cannot withstand the failures and challenges attached to it. What sets me apart from others is my creativity. My personal goal is to become very successful in what I do so as to empower more young people all across Africa.”