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Pejman Ghadimi

Pejman Ghadimi

Pejman’s start didn’t come from necessity like many entrepreneurs his came from corporate America but the drive was always in him. Pejman grew up without money and always ran away from the idea of being poor. He wasn’t sure of his plan at that time but set extremely high goals for himself and knew no matter what he was going to always run away from the idea of being poor.
At 14 he would take on odd jobs like washing cars, telemarketing, banking and that grew to Pejman being the youngest Executive VP in the USA without a college education. One day when Pejman lost his job, he thought “he still had his family, enough money, and enough cars” but at some point he felt as if he lost his purpose and that’s what hurt the most. “It was an uncomfortable feeling, I wasn’t upset someone took my salary away. They took my purpose and I let them do that”.

After 6 months of reflection he finally figured out his biggest fulfillment wasn’t money but it was teaching others. As a teacher you are forever tied to your students and he loved that part of his job. He realized that he was a teacher first and that business was just a vehicle to get that teaching to others. After discovering this passion for teaching he created a whole platform to educate other people stemming from his passion for business. The @secretentourage is just the beginning, Pejman is also an author of the best seller “The Third Circle Theory” with a sequel coming out this April and serial entrepreneur.

Pejman suggests “find what you’re passionate about and make it a business, be committed to the cause that even if you don’t make money you will keep going.” When asked what set Pejman apart from others, Pejman was brutally honest with himself “nothing sets me apart except that I’m not doing this for money. I’m doing this to teach people and I’m truly an enthusiast that loves to see others find their passion and purpose. Most people have a hard time becoming Entrepreneurs because they think the goals are freedom of time, and passive income but this mindset means you’re aligning your work with the wrong reasons you aren’t going to stick with it and you’ll just end up hating your business.”