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Robert Mercer 

Robert Mercer

I’m in the field of music, media and now inventor of a new medical product. It is because in my experience I’ve noticed that items created by hand with sentimental value could be sold at the highest retail price so i started to create as much as possible film, music and now something that could possibly help some one in need.

What drove me to entrepreneurship was the fact that I would work a job and put all i can into getting there and making sure my employer didn’t have to tell me what was needed i already had it, day in and day out i would put all my energy in to a company i believed in as much as the owner and they would treat me as if i was replaceable, unintelligent and under paid. At this point I thought to my self if i could put as much energy as i do into someone else’s company and get no recognition, pay raise or advancement from it ,what if i was to put that energy into my own business what would happen . theirs no pressure to get the job done for someone if i don’t get it done for me then it won’t happen.

What sets me apart is my universal skill set and adaptation to life problems.

The best advice I ever received was fail to plan you plan to fail was the most memorable

Favorite books theirs this one book name mind power its was great it told me to open my mind been good ever since.

One of my favorite quotes is “play the cards you are dealt like its the cards you wanted”