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Samantha Ettus

Samantha Ettus

In 2001 Samantha was one of the small handful in her Harvard Business School class who wanted to be an entrepreneur, it was almost unheard of at the time to aspire to be an entrepreneur and forced her to create her own business to defy the odds. When she began discussing business and personal branding for clients she found the biggest issue being ignored was the work life balance and strived to optimize that.

Sam gets her inspiration from helping other women and showing them that they can be strong and independent. After her first book sold she knew this was her calling. There is such a huge need for a positive voice for women, A lot of women spend so much time beating themselves up about how much time they spend at work of their kids or don’t spend somewhere and Sam is here to say “no one wins when you’re feeling guilty it impacts your health, productivity, ability to be present, everyone is better off if you drop the guilt.” Women always tend to be so hard on themselves and Sam wants to help guide them on their quest for the perfect satisfying life.

The best piece of advice Sam received was through her parents and knowing that with hard work and determination she can do and be anything she wanted. Sam became queen of the cold call and in a world where we are so connect she has continued to use that to her advantage and suggest all other entrepreneurs do the same. Always know there will be obstacles and you will be shut down but there are no bad days, weeks, or years, it is just bad moment every day is a series of moments and it amplifies as an entrepreneur, things change moment to moment. Any bad thing that happens is just a moment nothing more. It’s important to know when you’re an entrepreneur it’s really easy to get in a situation where you never shut it down so you have to work extra hard just to do so for the sake of your kids or friendship it’s important to set a schedule every day so you are in control and no one else.My biggest idol is my partner. He is the most will powered and goal oriented person I have ever met and he shares with me the conviction that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
My favorite book is not directly concerning the subject of business but about something even more essential in this topic – psychology. The name of the book is Who Says You Can’t YOU DO and also provide me with my favorite quote; “Do not let people infect you with their negativity. You control the situation by displaying how much you love life”.
I am working hard while balancing it all with my study in order to achieve my main goal – To become 100 % in depended according to time, location and money. Everyone can do it, it all depends on how much you want it, weather you are ready to pay the (high) price and how you organize your life towards it.#cosmoscommunity