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Sameeksha Khanna

Sameeksha Khanna

Sameeksha Khanna was born and raised in Delhi, India. She holds a bachelor’ degree in Business Administration from Amity University, in Noida. After graduating in 2014 Sameeksha had no clue what she wanted to do in terms of a career. She picked up a job but never experienced true job satisfaction and did not feel appreciated for her work – which was disheartening. Sameeksha used to wonder why she was putting so much hard work into the dreams of others; rather than pursuing something of her own. Then she made a change.

“My brand “Stoned Accessories” was started in the year 2014. We believe in delivering happiness to all age groups. We are pretty active on social media and 70% of our business is done via these social platforms. We also put up exhibitions in the capital and throughout different cities. We believe in made in India. We believe in serving all age groups and so there is no specific target market.”

Sameeksha has always been a “fashion freak” and started playing around with clothing and accessories which was noticed and appreciated by friends and family. One fine day she got this “crazy” idea of starting her own brand, and becoming an entrepreneur. Initially it started as a hobby but after getting a good response she ventured into it more seriously.

“Our signature products are the collars which are easy to wear, trendy, and classy. Our craftsmen provide a touch of elegance in each masterpiece. I have also been trying my hand on accessories like beaded chokers, bags, head bands, and the response has been great. Future plans are to create a niche brand throughout India and overseas. I also want to become a leading brand in the fashion export industry. Hopefully people will love to flaunt it. Lastly, I would like to thank my family who has supported me as I work to accomplish my dreams.”