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Our Entrepreneurs

Semira Yavuz

I chose the field of sales, marketing and promotions as its an industry that is always needed. I love helping my clients build their brands and also developing other individuals with their skill set. My goal is to make lives better through the best customer service and growth training. Entrepreneurship almost fell in to my lap, i never grew up with the dream with running my own company but I saw that it was going to be the most beneficial with the right mentality it could set up my whole life and that freedom was all i wanted. My skill set has changed from waiting on tables in hospitality 3 and a half years ago. Since i committed my time to self development with my end goal to run a business i can now handle administration, recruitment, management, face to face sales, building and maintaining a sales force plus much more!! It all came from being pro active and putting myself in to uncomfortable situations that forced me to learn. I read all sorts of different booka from leadership to sales training but my favourite is actually sitening to Grant Cardone- his passion to success really helped build a vision for what i wanted in my future. Favourite quote – ive listened to my best friend and business I’ve preach this to me for the better part of 3 years “when you wake up in the morning and you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you play good, when you play good, they pay good and when they pay good, YOU LIVE GOOD” – we were both in sports growing up so for all of the sports mentality people, this ones for you! What sets me apart is probably my age and how light heart i keep my company. I really do believe that its the people that build the company. Im 22, so younger then most and i started building my brand when i was 19. The Best advice would be- tough times never last but tough people do. If being an entrepreneur were easy, everyone would be one!