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Stacy Lee

Stacy Lee

There is not one path to success and for fitness trainer Stacy she knows there is also not one definition of beauty or what makes someone happy. Stacy aims to reach as many people as possible to ensure they love who they are inside and out. Through virtual and face to face personal training she is set to make this change one person at a time. After starting her career as an analyst she was becoming the type of person she wasn’t proud of, unhappy, stressed, unhealthy and slipping into an anxious lifestyle she hated.

At first being an entrepreneur was one of the most difficult things you can do, there is a huge fear of leaving your comfort zone, financial barriers and understanding that your schedule may not be the same as your friends anymore. 9-5 is when most clients are working so Stacy needs to make herself available at all hours of the day. She is always available using everything from phone to skype to just being there for her clients.

At the beginning there was a ton of negative feedback for Stacy as an entrepreneur but at the end of the day she stresses to always be honest and keep pushing because believing in yourself and loving what you do is the best gift you can give yourself.