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I remember doing music as an “everyone is doing it” kind of thing. I was only 12 years old. Heavily influenced at the time by my environment. I grew up in a small town 30 minutes south of Dallas (Ennis) so there wasn’t much opportunity, or room to think outside the box. As time went by, my love for studying music only grew. I started buying every hip hop magazine, every hip hop album, and that was my hobby. It really became homework. I learned quickly that I wasn’t into anything but sports and music. I never got into any trouble, so as my love for hip hop grew, I continued recording until I felt confident enough to actually release music and become an artist. I only want to spread positivity, and to be an example to ones like me. Ones who grew up without much opportunity, but strive to be more.

I got into entrepreneurship as I built my brand. Realizing that I can use my knowledge to grow in more ways, to expand. You find yourself taking on more tasks, more projects, and creating more entities that you can funnel all back to one source. Self. Not worrying about the money, just working. Without even thinking about it, I adopted it. I used music as a conduit to do more.
Being consistent alone sets me apart. I contribute daily to what I am wanting to build and accomplish. Whether its gathering information, booking shows for myself or booking for the team I work with. Releasing new music, working on new music, shipping merch to Star Nation fans. I never take a day off. Rain or Snow. I can’t say I’ve met anyone at my level that does the same.

I was once told I needed find what works for me because everyone isn’t the same. There is no real formula to being successful. Only things you shouldn’t do that will hold you back.

I think People get wrapped up too much in what others will think. I believe when you block out everything that isn’t a resource or a positive, it becomes very clear. Its all up to that person to maintain balance and keep the drive to do the necessary.