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Tia Ramey

Tia Ramey

It was time out for asking for permission to be a mother. My daughter was just starting school and I was completely panicked thinking about how terrible school hours are on a parent’s work schedule. I worked 8-5 and she goes to school from 9-3, how will I ever afford someone to help me before and after school with student loans on $35,000 per year? Is that even fair to her to have someone always picking up and dropping off my child? Do I have enough vacation time to spend with her to make up for it? What about sick time? I needed to take control. I decided then that entrepreneurship was the only way to solve all my problems and fast.So I quit…no savings, just stopped making excuses and started making a plan. Having good mentors and the right partners made that possible.

“Finding good partners is the key to success in anything.” Robert Kiyosaki

As an Internet Marketing Consultant, I am passionate about helping my clients take their success into their own hands and laying out a plan to succeed. If we can create a successful sales strategy, they too can have more time for their children like I do for mine. I live by strategy, it’s why I have a business today.