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Ueila Jesus

Ueila Jesus

Hi, I’m Ueila Jesus, Brazilian and permanent resident since 2014. After baby n.1, I went back to work in Brazil, but I couldn’t handle being far from my baby girl. When I got pregnant with baby n.2, I got a non-paid leave, came back to Australia and decided to run a home business. Today I work with gym clothes and a sustainable lifestyle company.

I love studying and dealing with computers. I’m also a curious person and love to learn about different things and face new challenges!

My mum and my husband are my inspirations. She was always a working from home entrepreneur. My husband Eli Hedges runs different volunteering groups that work with disadvantage kids our area. He coaches boxing and rugby for the pleasure of seeing kids practicing a sport and improving themselves!

My favourite book is Levantado do chao, from Portuguese writer Jose Saramago. It talks about social and political movement against poor work conditions in Portugal.

One by @powerofpositivity: “My greatest treasure is, was and always will be my family! We may not be perfect, but I love them with all my heart”. Another is “god is my strength”.

My inspiration is LOVE, purpose and perfection!

Before I move to Australia, I asked one of the priests in my church if I should quit my job and travel to a new country following my heart, or if I should be more cautious and not put at risk a job that I fought my all life to get it. And he said: “Don’t procrastinate on your happiness. Can you fulfil your heart by staying were you are now? Are you happy with that?” Guess the answer!

Bring my mother to Autralia. She’s by herself in Brazil, I’m her only daughter, she is widow and far from her only two grandchildren. I also want to buy my house and get rid of paying rent!

Freedom is our big advantage! We have time to spend with family; we can set up our own goals and take advantage of that to build up better selves and businesses! Challenge yourself, break your chains!

The hardest thing is be resilient, persistent and believe that we will succeed even if we need to give one or two steps back! Sometimes a step back is a move forward.